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Tips For Recovering Lost Cash

“Lost cash? Me? … “Never!” may be your reaction if suggested to search for any lost cash lying unclaimed in your name. However, the brief online search may prove otherwise, as almost every American has at least one form of unclaimed cash or property lying on his/her name.

Most of the Americans have forgotten small amounts incurred to them from closed bank accounts, dividend pay-offs, insurance claims, tax refunds, utility deposits, oil royalties, wages, etc., which they did not bother to collect. The unclaimed cash ranging from a few dollars to a few millions is dormant in the custody of various state treasurers. In spite of the states ‘ rigorous efforts, there are still many citizens who are not aware of how to recover the lost cash.

• Contact the nearest state treasurer office: If you are willing to search through the huge database of names against whom the unclaimed cash is lying, visit to the nearest state treasurer office.
• Watch out for local newspapers: Many state governments publish the list of unclaimed cash owners in local newspapers every weekend. Check out whether your name appears in them.
• Do an online search: This is probably the easiest search method. There are various websites that offer online search of the database across various states.

Get Your Lost Cash

Online search is the easiest option available to find out whether you own any unclaimed property or cash. However, you must be careful about a few things:

-Spell your name correctly. There may be some other person with similar name or spelling variant. Ensure that you key in your name correctly.
-Try your maiden name. This is applicable especially to women. They must try searching the database by their maiden name as well.
-Search for your ancestral property. Your parents or grandparents might have unclaimed cash or property. You may be the legal heir or nominee to their property. So, do not forget to check the database in your ancestors ‘ name.
-Check various states ‘ databases. You must search in the database of the states where you, your family members or your ancestors have resided. You never know where you left any unclaimed cash.

Seek Professional Help

Online search can only indicate that you own unclaimed property or cash. Staking the claim is solely an individual’s concern. It is advisable to seek professional help to know the process and file your flawless claim. You may need to prove your identity and the legality for the claim. Ask your professional agent as to what documents and proofs will you need for supporting the claim.

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